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Endodontics is an essential component of any successful clinical practice. Having complete hands-on learning on root canal procedures can be very helpful in your future clinical practice. Here at Malligai dental, we offer both short term and long term endodontic programs to enhance and sharpen your skills.

Short Term Endodontics

The Short-term program is planned in such a way that each participant gets personal attention and can also have an interactive session for the next three days.
The lectures are practice-oriented and will help you boost your clinical practice.
The hands-on sessions are practiced in an indirect vision to provide an absolute simulation of clinical practice.
Participants will be encouraged and taught to utilize state of the art materials such as Apex Locators, Endo Motor hand pieces, Reduction-Gear Hand pieces for ease of work and the REAL FEEL of handling them.
The Program also consists of a LIVE RCT demonstration on a patient.
Post endodontic treatment management like Core build-up procedures, post space preparation, placement and luting of FRC post are also included and can also be learned and explored (ONLY FOR LONG TERM PARTICIPANTS)
A course completion certificate is issued at the end of the short term course which can be used as a vital accessory for your future clinical practice.

Long Term Endodontics

 The course is fabricated entirely for a particular focus on 6 participants. These numbers will allow us to provide individual focus, attention, and training for you.
Eligible participants will be only those who have obtained a provisional/Degree certificate from a recognized university. Interns are not permitted.
Dental Council Registration Number is mandatory and has to be provided at the time of registration.
The participants will be allowed to perform root canal procedures, Post Endodontic, restorative work (Post-Core-Crown), Crown and Bridge framework & other Restorative procedures on patients, under the supervision of our Faculty.
Participants will have to complete their prescribed set of clinical quota within the specified period.
Lecture & Pre-clinical sessions are provided as a part of the course before the hands-on begins.
A standard four days Rotary Endo & Post Endo Certified Hands-on course will be an inclusive portion of the curriculum.
The lectures are backed up with hands-on training for every individual participant.
Participants will be awarded a Course completion certificate, which is affiliated to recognized International Centers, which will be issued upon successful completion of Clinical cases and passing the PRACTICAL EXAM with VIVA VOCE.

Course Guidlines

Course Duration

2 - 3 months - Monday to Saturday (9.30 am to 3.30 pm)

Quota for Clinical Cases


•  25 to 30 completed cases with Post Endo (CROWN) (provided by Institute)

•  All Endo cases MUST be done under RUBBER DAM only.


•  CROWN should follow all posterior RCT cases.

•  Full Metal, PFM & All Ceramic crowns will be done (based on clinical criteria)

•  Post & Core shall be done for the required cases.


•  Restorative cases should be done using Tooth-colored materials.

•  Esthetic procedures like Midline diastema closure, angle build-up, smile designing, etc. have to be done with Pre & Post-op photos.


Armamentarium & Materials

Participants shuld bring the following :

•  Airotor handpiece

•  Micro-motor handpiece (contra-angle)

•  Endo motor – ANY REPUTED BRAND

•  Apex Locator – ANY REPUTED BRAND

•  White Apron

•  Refills of Burs, Files (if required)

Institute will provide the following :

•  Micro-motors in-built in Chair.

•  Burs (Endo, Restorative starter burs)

•  K Files (10, 15, 20 – 2 box each, 1 box assorted)

•  Rotary Starter Kits (5 – 6 Reputed Rotary Systems)

•  Rubber Dam Kit.

•  Rubber Dam Clamp (Hu-Friedy / Hygienic Brand)

•  X Rays (pre-op, WL, master cone, post-op)

•  Endo materials (Irrigants, GP, Sealer, LA, etc.)

•  Restorative materials (Etchant, Bonding agents, composites, GIC, etc.)

•  Post Endo materials ( Impression trays, impression materials, luting cement, etc.)

•  All Consumables ( Mask, Gloves, syringes, etc.)

* Endo Motor and Apex Locator can also be availed from the Institute for three months on a rental basis.

Completion & Exams

•  Clinical work has to be finished in the above stipulated time.

•  Extension/leave / Swapping of modules etc. will be granted by availability & discretion.

•  The minimum criteria for quota on procedures for ENDO, POST-ENDO & RESTORATIVE procedures have to be completed & submitted to appear for Practical Exams.

•  Course Completion Certificate will be awarded after clearing the Practical Exam and the viva voce.



Q:  How many cases will be alloted to each ??
     30 cases each

Q: What Is the duration of the course?
      30 cases - 3 months
      20 cases - 2 months
      10 cases -1 month

Q:  Is there any combination pack available?? Can I take Endo courses combined with other courses ??
      You can take a comprehensive course along with impaction/veneers course.

Q: What Is the approximate cost of the course?
       To be confirmed ( after in person/ virtual discussion with chief doctor.

Q:  Is the course preclinical or will we work on patients ?
      Patients will be allotted.

Q:  Will I get varieties of cases ?
      Yes, training doctors will be allotted variety of cases (easy, moderate, tough) on variety of teeth ( anterior and posterior )

Q:  Will instruments be provided or do we have to buy ?
      Instruments will be provided . Training doctors to bring only scrubs and handpiece/airoter.

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