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Obturation Techniques

Obturation is the method used to fill and seal a cleaned and shaped root canal using a root canal sealer and Core material 

  • To achieve three dimensional fluid tight seal of the root canal
  •     To prevent bacterial micro leakage
  • To ach...
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Local Anaesthesia Injection Techniques 
  • Selection of suitable syringe and needle
  • Utilization of proper LA.
  • Insertion of needle at correct site
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A single but bilateral (crossing the midline) edentulous area located anterior to the remaining natural teeth.
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Which MDS branch to choose ?? 

The major dilemma that exists among students while choosing the stream for an MDS course is whether to give Importance to subject or college ?? 

There is no fixed algorithm that will suit everyone for this question.

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Things to do for clearing NEET-MDS

The NEET MDS – National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam is a centralized single-level exam carried out for BDS graduates enabling them to seek admission to dental courses across different medical institutes across the country. The main difference between  candidates who qualify and those who don’...

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