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Selecting the Right Dental College for Your Child : Key Factors to Consider

04.08.23 04:26 PM By Major Dr Pravin

Ensuring Top-notch Quality

The Importance of NAAC Accreditation

Are a lot of dental colleges to choose from for your children? So if you're thinking which is the best college, there are already a lot of we have made based on the inputs from the students who are studying in that. So how we classified is, generally, when we look at a college, most of the colleges, they will be of private dental colleges, and there will be only very limited government dental colleges. So how do the standards maintained? The first thing is NAAC . That is an organization under the UGC called National Accreditation and autonomous counsel. They go as an independent body, inspect the colleges and understand how the patient flow is, how the feedback is and all that. They give NAAC approval. They say it's in short form, it is called NAAC approval. If your college has got NAAC approval, it is one of the best colleges. So you can just be sure that NAAC is one of the very toughest accreditation in the Indian standards, in India.

Insights from Current Students :

The Key to Choosing the Right College

So the second thing as a parent, you are supposed to see is the actual feedback from the students who are studying there. As a mother and a father, with your kid. You select couple of colleges, go to the campus, find out where the building of dental college is, and just stay outside the dental college. When the students come out of the dental college, randomly select few people and ask them.

  • Just tell them that you are going to plan to join your son or daughter in this college?
  • And can I join the student here? What is the advantage of this college?
  • What do you think this college is about?

Take exact feedback from the student. Students will be very open and they'll be very honest to tell you the exact feedback. So real time feedback from the studying student is mandatory.

Nurturing Education

Evaluating the Quality of Teaching Faculty

The third thing is going to be the teaching faculty.

There are colleges who have got only professors on the paper. They don't actually come and professors who.There are colleges like that who have a lot of paper based professors, real time professors, they don't come at all. They would come only during inspection. You have to verify that through your resources. It's very difficult to find and it's good if you can find out through some of your known sources, if anybody is working in that college, you can ask them whether there are professors, enough professors available to teach that particular subject because it will be really good if you know that and make a clarification on the teaching faculty. Teaching faculty is very, very important.

Nurturing Growth

Evaluating Infrastructure and Hostel Facilities

The fourth thing will be the infrastructure. Infrastructure is very, very important because dental colleges need sufficient space and sufficient dental chairs to be put, and everything should be in function. Everything should be in usage so that people can use that and learn things. There are some colleges who don't provide proper infrastructure. So the children who are studying there, the upcoming doctors are not going to be trained nicely. Dentistry is all about performance.     How you do it on the patient. It is not like medicine where you have to think so much and do. Here, dentistry is all about practicing. The more you do, the more you become better. So it starts from the college.  Infrastructure is important.

In infrastructure, college side, you have to verify. And also your children, when they are staying there far away from home, the hospital, the transport facilities, if they are a day scholar, how they can reach the college in time. You cannot put a student in a college where they have to travel at least two hours, three hours every day. It's going to be so painful. There are colleges like that which are in the outskirts of Chennai.

People have to travel a long journey. Every day, they have to get up at least 4:30, get ready, go and take the bus at 6:30, reach the college by 8:30. And most of the colleges, they leave them by 3 o'clock in the afternoon. So three o'clock they leave, then only they can reach the home by 6 o'clock. 

Chennai traffic and Tamil Nadu traffic, it's very pathetic. And you have to know your child cannot spend their life and energy inside the bus. It's not risky. It's not safe also. It's going to be risky when they travel every day like that. So it's better if they stay in a hotel. So travel facilities, how they are reachable, and the hostel facilities are very important. 

There are colleges, even in the top 10, there are colleges which I cannot say by name, but the hall hospital infrastructures are not good. But the college is good. The hospital infrastructure is not good. Now it is going to be a little tricky. College is good.

I want to put my daughter in this college, but hospital is not good. But the college is good. The hospital infrastructure is not good. Now it is going to be a little tricky. College is good.

I want to put my daughter in this college, but hospital is not good. There are college is in the top 10, which has got stone benches in their house. I have evidence, I have got photos. Stone bench. They make a stone bench as a bed. People have to buy a mattress and put. It's not going to be very comfortable for the student when they have a stone bench or a study table.

People need nowadays some nice infrastructure because children are brought up in a very comfortable way. And if they are going to live in that place, they are going to feel bad about it, and their performance in the education is going to get affected.

So I won't name the college. You have to go yourself. Go see the bathroom, go see the bed, go see the hotel, mess, and canteen, whatever they call. Eat there and see how the food is.

Ask the people over there, ask the seniors there, whether they like the food, how is the food, whether the food is hot, whether the food is nutritious, healthy, everything you have to check.

Essential Checkpoints for Selecting a Dental College

So there are a lot of checkpoints you have to do if you are going to put your student in a college because so much of money are going to spend on it. So the final and most important point is if your college, the college which you are choosing has got a postgraduate teaching there happening.

If people are already studying post-graduation, that will be a good standard. Postgraduate recognition is not given to any college. It is given to colleges only which has got all the basic parameters correct.

It should have good faculty, it should have good infrastructure, good patient flow and exposure and everything. So these are some of the most important points you should consider before you select any dental college in Tamil Nadu or wherever you are. So as a senior in this profession with more than 20 years of experience, I would like to say, even if I have to put my child in any dental

Major Dr Pravin