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Why should you learn Dental Practice Management?

16.09.22 04:07 PM By Major Dr Pravin


Dental Practice Growth, Profitability and higher income require a business model based on increasing Practice production.Dentists and specialists can no longer operate their practices as they did five years ago and expect to achieve the same degree of success. Up until that time, practices grew predictably, and practice production—as well as doctor income—would increase accordingly. But now the trends have changed? WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT?We Were NEVER Taught This STUFF!

The dental school curriculum is designed to provide us with the science and basic skills for life as a clinical dentist… and I’m sure most of you will agree that four short years was barely enough time to acquire the rudimentary skills necessary to practice dentistry in the real world.

The traditional mindset that is still being perpetuated in the dental schools today is that if you work hard, refine your skill set and become the best clinical dentist that you can be, the patients will come and the business side of things will take care of itself.I honestly believe that if you ditch the victimhood mentality that has gripped so many private practice dentists and make a conscious decision to take the actions necessary to truly compete in this new economy, a brand new world of limitless opportunity can open up for you.

See, there are dentists out there who are really making it happen! They’re doing well, really well. They are changing lives every day and they are actually getting compensated what they are worth.They are a select group of dentists that own extremely profitable practices. They’re living their passion and take several weeks off per year providing missionary dentistry and doing things that they enjoy with their loved ones.So i want you to be one of them to learn and be a Winner.God Bless!!

Major Dr Pravin