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Which MDS branch to choose ?? 

16.02.23 10:18 AM By Major Dr Pravin

The major dilemma that exists among students while choosing the stream for an MDS course is whether to give Importance to subject or college ?? 

There is no fixed algorithm that will suit everyone for this question.



The first thing in choosing a stream for MDS is to finalize the subject.  “ GIVE IMPORTANCE TO SUBJECT MORE THAN COLLEGE”. Remember you are going to do this profession for a lifetime and that is your identity for the rest of your life. There is nothing as good subject and bad subject. It is just what is best for you. In the dental field, it is best to equip yourself with as many clinical skills as possible and become competent enough to set up your own dental practice. Before choosing a non clinical subjects know that the employment in teaching field is super saturated. 


Research and find out in detail about the college infrastructure. Joining a college with cutting edge technologies and quality infrastructure will definitely provide you with excellence about the latest in your field. For example, while selecting Oral surgery, look for OT theater availability  the patient flow, hospital attachment of the college, range of cases. 

Good and supportive staff members are essential as they guide your project, thesis and research papers. Try to contact present post graduates if possible regarding this.


Never compromise a good branch / college based on stipend. 


For practical reasons, location (proximity to hometown and safety)  and climatic conditions are important factors in choosing a branch in a particular college.


Pros :

  • Variety of treatment modalities
  • Good exposure to lab work
  • TMJ
  • Extraoral and maxillofacial prosthesis
  • Advancements

Cons :

  • Hectic work ( lab and clinical)
  • College location is important – metro cities have better exposure to array of cases. Colleges located in outskirts and peripheral vicinity have less patient flow and variety of cases is less with only conventional cases available.


Pros :

  • Implants, flap surgery
  • Consultations only in metro cities
  • Regenerative approach.
  • Oral hygiene approach and awareness is less in India.

Cons :

  • Maintenance post surgery is difficult because of lack of awareness and time consuming 

Oral Surgery

Pros :

  • Surgical branch – close association with medical field . Only branch which connects medical and dental field.
  • Abundance of scope as consultant
  • Hospital attachments
  • Head and neck trauma cases, TMJ, carcinoma cases

Cons :

  • Keen interest is required.
  • Requires time, energy, efforts and money to establish and settle as surgeon.
  • Fellowship is needed
  • More hours of duty and night shifts
  • Emergency cases and hectic
  • Away from general dentistry.


Pros :

  • Exclusive field for children
  • Good scope in metro cities
  • Child is the patient, parent is automatically your patient
  • Abundance of Consultations

Cons :

  • Children are your patients! Age defined field
  • Requires a lit of patience and Keen interest
  • Requires behaviour management skills
  • Hectic during treatment procedures.

Conservative dentistry and Endodontics

Pros :

  • You are the pain reliever
  • Cosmetic dentistry and laser fellowships , esthetic dentistry give more money.
  • Good general practice
  • Abundance of Consultations
  • “Bread and butter” of dentistry 

Cons :

  • Saturated field
  • Doing courses and fellowships are more time consuming and provides experience as well.


Pros :

  • Evergreen industry
  • Good awareness in India
  • Aligners treatment is money minting
  • Interesting subject
  • New concepts which we have never been exposed to in UG.
  • Abundance of Consultations

Cons :

  • Away from general dentistry 

Non Clinical Subjects

Scope :

  • Research
  • Government jobs
  • Academics and management
  • Overseas opportunities are abundant

Major Dr Pravin