By: Major Dr Pravin | July 04, 2017

The Problem: Business do not just run themselves

This is a major reason why business fail.Common leadership failings are

  • a lack of direction
  • someone not taking charge
  • Problems being avoided
  • decisions not being made
  • a lack of vision ,which results in a business drifting
  • insufficient experience at making strategic decisions
  • and not managing staff efficiently.

Leadership is like captaining a ship.Irrespective of the size of a ship,it needs someone to be in charge.Without a captain it will sink,hit the rocks or arrive at the wrong decision.


A decision needs to be set for the ship and it needs to be steered throughout the journey.The crew(the staff) need to be managed and the passengers(the customers) need to be looked after.During the journe...

By: Major Dr Pravin | June 15, 2017

INTRODUCTION: Dental Practice Growth, Profitability and higher income require a business model based on increasing Practice production.Dentists and specialists can no longer operate their practices as they did five years ago and expect to achieve the same degree of success. Up until that time, practices grew predictably, and practice production—as well as doctor income—would increase accordingly. But now the trends have changed?WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN DENTAL PRACTICE MANAGEMENT?We Were NEVER Taught This STUFF!

The dental school curriculum is designed to provide us with the science and basic skills for life as a clinical dentist… and I’m sure most of you will agree that four short years was barely enough time to acquire the rudimentary s...

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